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  • Demand Grows For Florida Trade School Grads in 2023
    Cosmetology | April 18, 2023

    Skills that Pay the Bills: The Growing Demand for Trade School Graduates Did you know that Florida is experiencing a growing demand for trade school graduates in the beauty industry? According to Forbes, the annual beauty industry spending in the US is $523 billion, and the average American woman spends almost $250,000 on hair and […]

  • 2023 Beauty School Requirements in Miami
    Cosmetology | April 18, 2023

    Getting Into Cosmetology, Barbering, or Skin Care School: What’s Required? Did you know that the hair-styling and cosmetology industry is growing at a rate of 19 percent, which is much faster than other jobs? If you have ever been interested in applying to beauty school to get the training you need to help people look […]

  • The FAFSA Is Your Financial Aid Friend!
    Cosmetology | April 18, 2023

    Looking For an Accredited Beauty School in the Miami Area That Offers Financial Aid For: Cosmetology, Barbering, Full Specialists & Facial/Skin Care Classes? Are you thinking about going to beauty school but are worried about the cost? Fear not: You probably qualify for many federal grants, loans, and other forms of financial aid! You can […]

  • Pell Grants: What to Know in 2023
    Cosmetology | May 24, 2022

    Traditional 4-year college isn’t for everyone. More and more students are choosing to pursue jobs in the beauty industry. But, even jobs in the beauty industry require school. Cosmetology school, to be exact.

  • Prepping For Beauty School: Your Guide
    Cosmetology | May 24, 2022

    Once you’ve met the minimum requirements to attend beauty school in Miami Beach, you might be searching for or wondering how to best prepare mentally for launching your beauty career. Attending beauty school gives you the chance to get the right certifications, but it’s also a chance to meet and interact with industry professionals, be […]

  • Beauty School Requirements: Everything You Need to Know For 2023
    Cosmetology | May 21, 2022

    What are the Beauty School Requirements in Miami and What Can You Expect Once You Graduate? Read on for a Comprehensive Look at How to be the Perfect Candidate. Did you know that the hairstyling and cosmetology industry is growing at 19 percent, which is much faster than other jobs? So if you have ever […]

  • Hair Colorist: The Lessons Behind the Career
    Cosmetology | April 22, 2022

    Steps to Becoming A Professional Hair Colorist Although people have been coloring their hair for thousands of years, modern advancements now allow you to achieve any hair color possible. With so many new and exciting hair coloring products, experts at Technavio expect the global hair color market to grow by 13.75 billion dollars by 2025. […]

  • The Surprising Chemistry Behind Beauty Careers
    Cosmetology | April 4, 2022

    Beauty: Not Your Average Chemistry Set According to national statistics, beauty careers are growing fast. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 119,800 new beautician jobs will open in the next year.  But some stylists get stuck making low salaries and never manage to progress. How do you make yours the career of your dreams? To […]

  • Everything I Wanted to Know About Becoming A Beauty Boss, I Learned In Beauty School
    Cosmetology | March 21, 2022

    The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job outlook for barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists for 2020 to 2030 is 19 percent. This rate is much faster than average job outlooks in other industries. In other words, the beauty industry is thriving! So, if you’ve ever thought about getting started in the beauty industry, […]

  • 2023 Cosmetology Degree Is There Such A Thing?
    Cosmetology | March 10, 2022

    Is there Such a Thing as a Beauty or Cosmetology Degree? The average woman spends more than $3,700 per year on her appearance. Clearly, it’s lucrative to get into the beauty field — and that’s just one reason to consider getting your cosmetology or skin care license.  You don’t need a cosmetology degree to pursue […]

  • Self Employed: Best Self Employment Opportunities in the Beauty Industry
    Cosmetology | February 26, 2022

    If you have ever considered pursuing a career in the beauty industry, but are unsure if there are enough job opportunities, then this article is for you. Now more than ever is a good time to start your career in beauty. With an annual growth rate of 4.75%, the global beauty industry is expected to […]

  • The Best Paying Jobs in the Beauty Industry
    Cosmetology | February 22, 2022

    How much can you make in the beauty industry? That’s a great question. And, it’s one that a lot of friends and loved ones ask our students as they pursue beauty industry careers. While we’d like to say your salary will match your work ethic, the truth is certain jobs within the beauty industry are […]

  • Cosmetology vs. Barbering: What to Know (and How Do They Compare?)
    Cosmetology | January 20, 2022

    Are you undecided on the path for your beauty career? Don’t feel bad. It’s completely normal to feel that way. Many students struggle with the choice between barber school and cosmetology school. It’s an important choice and we understand you want to make sure you choose the best career for you. Fortunately, we’re here to […]

  • Exciting Beauty Careers For Beauty Lovers!
    Cosmetology | January 4, 2022

    “Why are you studying to be a hairdresser”? Most of our students have been asked this question by one person or another when they choose to pursue their beauty careers. The truth is, being a hairdresser is a worthwhile profession. It can be a lucrative one, as well. But there’s more to beauty school than […]

  • A Guide to Skincare as a Wellness Career: Everything You Need to Know
    Cosmetology | December 22, 2021

    Are you passionate about skincare? You may want to consider pursuing skincare as a wellness career. If you’re considering this path, you’ll want to tune in to today’s article. This is your ultimate guide to attending skincare school and getting a career in the industry. We have a lot to cover, so let’s get going! […]

  • Healthcare Workers Changing Careers to Come into the Beauty Industry
    Cosmetology | December 4, 2021

    Wellness Careers: Why Healthcare Workers are Transitioning into the Beauty Industry COVID-19 has changed the way people work in more ways than one. Not only are companies gravitating more toward remote work, but employees are considering changing careers as well. People with a healthcare career are feeling the desire to change more than anyone during […]

  • Cosmetology Career: Launch Guide
    Cosmetology | November 10, 2021

    How to Launch a Career in Cosmetology Have you always dreamed of a career in cosmetology? Maybe you’ve always wanted to work in the beauty & wellness industry but don’t know where to get started. If this sounds like you have no fear! This is your go-to guide for a career in cosmetology. In the […]

  • Becoming Your Best You: Your Guide
    Cosmetology | November 4, 2021

    BEAUTY: The Best Industry For Artists to Be In. If you’ve made the brilliant decision to immerse yourself in the world of beauty, then you’ve elected to become an artist whose work is always on display. What a thrilling thought!  Those that understand this concept also appreciate the value of being the very best version […]

  • How to Interview a Beauty School: 7 Questions You Should Ask
    Cosmetology | October 22, 2021

    Wondering What To Ask At Your ESI Miami Beauty School Tour in 2023? We have 7 Questions You Should Be Asking That Will Put You In The Driver’s Seat During Your Next School Interview! Your Future is Worth A Great Tour! Interviews are a two-way street! It’s an important fact to remember when you’re looking […]

  • 5 Best Tips For New Hairstylists in Miami 2023
    Cosmetology | October 5, 2021

     Tips For Becoming The Best Hairstylists in Miami! As of 2019, there were more than 558,000 hairdressers, cosmetologists, and hairstylists in America. If you’re looking to set yourself apart from others that work in the hairstyling industry or want to join them, you need to check out the professional hairstyle tips we’re about to share […]

  • Self-Promotion: 5 Tips on Marketing for Hairstylists
    Cosmetology | September 22, 2021

    Marketing Tips to Differentiate Yourself: Stand Out in Your Industry Marketing your business the right way can help you grow your client base and continue to build a name for yourself as a hairstylist. Yet it can be tough to know exactly what type of posts are best and how to build a professional social […]

  • Hair Goals: Importance of a Hair Consult
    Cosmetology | September 4, 2021

    One of the first things you need to learn as a hairstylist is how to conduct a great hair consultation. When a client comes for a cosmetology salon visit, the first fifteen minutes are for getting to know them and understanding as much as possible about their hair and their goals. Below we’ve outlined several types […]

  • Book of Business 101
    Cosmetology | August 14, 2021

    As with any business, clients are essential to keeping your business afloat. This rings even more true in the beauty industry.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Pell Grants for Cosmetology School: What to Know
    Cosmetology | August 4, 2021

    Traditional 4-year college isn’t for everyone. More and more students are choosing to pursue jobs in the beauty industry. But, even jobs in the beauty industry require school. Cosmetology school, to be exact. You may be thinking, since it’s a beauty program, that you have to pay 100% of the cost yourself.  Well, before you […]

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